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Is your company stuck in the past? Find out how you can bring it to the DIGITAL AGE with Vincit software solutions!

You can take benefit of the new opportunities provided to your business by digitalization. And even more so - you can do this in small, manageable steps with immediate results. Start by downloading the free Vincit Quick Guide for a Software Buyer by clicking the button below.

P.S. Did we mention it's 100% free?

5 questions. 5 answers. 5 ways to benefit.

Why work with Vincit?

Traditional software solutions have their place. They are just fine for counting money.

If you want to make money, you need creativity, flexibility and a planning process that is never ready - a solution that supports your changing business needs.

This is where Vincit excels. And it is not just another software company.

So what is Vincit?

With 400 employees and revenues of EUR 41.1M in 2017, Vincit is a remarkably fast growing company: 28.3% growth from 2016.

Vincit was established in 2007 in Finland and is a software development expert that has more than 300 happy customers served by three offices in Finland and two in the US: in Palo Alto and in Orange County in California.

  • DevOps services and mentoring
  • Solution and software auditing services
  • Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban training and mentoring

The digital value chain covered?


  • UX and Service design
  • Embedded systems development
  • Data Science, applied mathematics, algorithm development
  • Mobile development, web development
Digital Value Chain - Vincit

What about the design process? How to get from your needs or wishes to a solution?

Straightforward and professionally managed process:

  • Explore and understand - gain insight
  • Sketch - describe the concept
  • Test - ensure validated solution
  • Execute - with a sustainable UX

What should I do right now to gain competitive advantage with Vincit?

Think for a moment about your company's business and how you are exploiting the opportunities of digitalization. Do you think there is room for improvement? If yes - press the button on this page to download the QUICK GUIDE FOR A SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT BUYER. It will give you valuable ideas on just how to get measurable results for your particular business - and fast.

Ready for the  Digital business age?

We can't wait to help you discover what is possible with digitalization today. Download the guide today to get started!

Your contact information is safe with us—we'll never share your email. By downloading the guide you allow us to contact you by email - unless you specifically instruct not to do so on the download request form.

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Fennobiz GmbH is the representative of Vincit in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

We work with businesses to create new, unforeseen value and a competitive advantage in their markets using solutions and expertise of leading Scandinavian solution providers.

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