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Now You Can Get Practical and Professional On-site Sales Services for Building Your Business in the D-A-CH Market!

We are launching our new service to hi-tech growth companies that are planning to enter the German, Austrian and Swiss markets with their products or services. Instead of going off-site for traditional sales training for days or even weeks, your sales team can now keep working on their actual sales projects and get professional hands-on support right here - in the middle of your target market.


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Why Would You Need Local, On-Site Support in Entering a New Foreign Market?

Fennobiz Market Entry Coaching

You have a hi-tech solution that is selling well in your home market and perhaps some of your customers are already using it also in a distant, foreign location.

Today many countries are providing encouragement and support for hi-tech companies to take their solutions to new markets. You can get all sorts of expert advise, consulting support and often even funding for doing that.

So, you have observed the huge market potential in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (the "D-A-CH market") What happens then? Our clients tell that

  • It is difficult to get customer meetings arranged
  • Predictability of sales is challenging and the win/loss ratio is disappointing
  • It is hard to understand why customers are not excited and buying

We at Fennobiz are located right in the middle of your target market for your on-site sales coaching support!

Market Entry Mastery: Get Expert Feedback on and Recommendations for Your Go-to-Market Plan

Your Go-to-Market plan in its most simple form will explain your thinking that will make your offering interesting to your prospects in your new foreign market.

  • the Why (why are you in business and why should anyone care?)
  • the How (how do you make a difference?) and
  • the What (what do you actually do to make a difference?)

Your ability to differentiate your offering from the competition is key to your success. Once you can give this elevator pitch, you are on your way towards achievement on any market. The rest of the plan is really just details and much simpler to create.

Do you have a clear and realistic understanding of the size of the opportunity for your solution in the D-A-CH market? We can help you to evaluate it.

You do not yet have a Go-to-Market plan? We can provide you with a template!

Shots in the dark or sales growth with a plan? 

Sales planning is not a favourite activity of salespeople. However, if you have a sales target and you do not know, how to exceed it, you will easily end up trying opportunities here and there, hoping for the best.

We are not keen on lengthy account plans or detailed documentation either. But we do know that having a plan in place will take you a long way towards understanding your priorities - what needs to be done and when. And where not to waste time and effort.

Our goal is to get you to exceed your own targets by doing the kind of work that leads to achievement. We'll work with your sales team to ensure all the customer decision maker bases will be covered and that your sales effort results will be more predictable.

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Get Your Marketing and Sales Documents Reviewed and Fine-Tuned for Maximum Local Impact

You also can get expert feedback on your German or English language marketing materials and sales documents in these live coaching sessions. Submit them for review and we will show you what you can improve on your documents to get even better results.  

We have local resources available to us that can review the texts not only for language correctness, but also for maximum impact for the geographical region you wish to target. There are differences in e.g. the German language and even words used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for describing the same thing!

You do not have such documents yet? No problem - we have templates that you can use!

Want to use modern tools like webinars to gain attention for your solution?

Webinars are one of the most efficient tools for marketing your solutions.

How to get people to attend your webinars? How to turn registrations into actual leads?

Often people that have (perhaps by accident?) opened an email or visited your website are called "leads". We see them rather as "suspects" and not even "prospects"!

What you really need are qualified leads and we can help you find them.

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At Fennobiz we believe in providing our customers with practical hands-on support, solutions and tools.

As our customer you will gain access to our toolset, e.g.:

  • Go-to-Market plan template
  • Sales plan template
  • Customer meeting proposal template (in German)
  • Customer meeting follow-up template (in German)
  • Customer offer document templates
  • Webinar and seminar planning tool
  • Contract negotiations tracking tool

When You Get To The Point Of Negotiating A Contract With Your New Customer

If you need to negotiate a complex contract for your solution or e.g. SaaS service, you will need to keep track of the open points and the different positions towards them.

We provide our customers with a perfect tool for this purpose.

It will help you establish and maintain the position of control in the negotiations.

We also help our customers be creative to find solutions to those open points and to achieve the win-win results that are the basis for your long-term customer relationships.

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Fennobiz - who we are

  • We are on a mission to help hi-tech companies to new markets in Western Europe.
  • We always want to exceed our customers' expectations with our high quality and achievement delivering services.
  • We deliver our customers concrete sales and marketing services on site, right in the middle of their target markets.

Some of Our Clients:

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Get instant access to our updated document "7 Topics That You Need To Master To Attract Clients For Your Hi-Tech Solution In The German, Austrian And Swiss Markets" 

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