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Why Switzerland right now?

The Swiss healthcare market offers excellent opportunities for companies with innovative eHealth or mHealth solutions. Despite the fact that Switzerland is a wealthy country, digitalisation has been slow and there is an urgent need for higher efficiency, cost reduction and overall transparency.

Regional and national Electronic Patient Records are being implemented during 2021 and right now is the time to get active in this market.

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Consulting Services

It is a very good idea to get a professional assessment of the opportunities for your solution in the Swiss eHealth market. We deliver market research projects - ask for a quote!

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It is important to have your expectations set correctly to build an effective sales plan that brings results.We can help you define a winning channel strategy.

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Rather than spending a lot of money and time hiring people, you can sign us up as your local sales representative.

Opportunity examples

What is going on in the Swiss eHealth market

Electronic Patient Records are being implemented during 2021. This is where the main focus is right now and innovative applications that can interface to these systems have excellent opportunities.

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The Swiss population's average age is over 42 years and this figure is going up. This means more potential for solutions and services that help take care of the growing number of elderly people also in their homes in the future.

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Digitalisation in healthcare is on a lower level in Switzerland than in many other European countries. Potential: identification of persons, cost and quality transparency, mHealth solutions, data protection and security,...

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